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  • Marijuana News Is Moving December 19, 2018
    News content on is being reborn as Weedmaps News at While our URL has changed, you can still find breaking news, political coverage, science explainers, and deep dives into the culture of cannabis. The archives remain available, with the exception of recent selections that have transferred to Weedmaps News. While won’t […]
    Nicolas Juarez
  • Rights Groups, Unions Call for Ending Marijuana Prohibition December 14, 2018
    A coalition of major civil rights organizations, labor unions and other groups is calling on Congress to completely remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and divert revenue to communities that have been harmed by the enforcement of cannabis prohibition.   “Pass legislation de-scheduling marijuana with racial equity and justice reform components,” reads one recommendation […]
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  • How Trump Government Shutdown Threat Could Affect Marijuana December 13, 2018
    President Donald Trump is threatening to shut down the government if Democrats refuse billions of dollars in funding for a border wall — but the consequences of that action would extend far beyond border security. WASHINGTON (AP) — Trump threatens gov't shutdown in heated meeting with Dem leaders over border wall, squabbling over election results. […]
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  • Elon Musk Confesses: ‘I Have No Idea How To Smoke Pot’ December 12, 2018
    Elon Musk got himself into a bit of trouble after smoking marijuana during an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast in September 2018. The move reportedly led to NASA launching an investigation into his company SpaceX’s “workplace safety” and “adherence to a drug-free environment.” But now, in a new interview 60 Minutes, the Tesla founder indicated […]
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  • Cannabis May Qualify for Study Grants as ‘Natural Product’ December 11, 2018
    Federally funded research into marijuana seems to be escalating, with one government agency recently posting a roundup of current “cannabinoid-related funding opportunities” for studies investigating the plant’s therapeutic potential. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) on Dec. 8, 2018, shared a list of four research grant opportunities for studies on “natural products” […]
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  • Surgeon General: Schedule I Hinders Researching Marijuana December 7, 2018
    U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said the federal government should rethink how it classifies drugs like marijuana Dec. 6, 2018, voicing concern that the plant’s current status as a strictly controlled Schedule I substance inhibits research. Adams, who’s previously expressed interest in expanding research into the use of cannabinoids for therapeutic purposes, made the comment […]
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  • Colorado County Considers Canceling Cannabis Convictions December 6, 2018
    BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — Prosecutors in a Colorado county are preparing to dismiss and seal thousands of marijuana possession convictions after state voters legalized the use and sale of cannabis in 2012. The Boulder Daily Camera reported that the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office as part of a “Moving on from Marijuana” program has identified […]
    Associated Press
  • GOP House Leader Calling for Legal Marijuana in Rhode Island December 5, 2018
    The Republican leader in Rhode Island’s House of Representatives thinks the state should fully legalize marijuana. But while that news would typically bode well for reform efforts in state legislatures, the problem is that the Democratic speaker isn’t quite on board — and the House is dominantly controlled by Democrats. In an interview with Rhode […]
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  • ‘Compromise’ Medical Marijuana Bill is Made Into Law in Utah December 4, 2018
    Utah lawmakers approved a controversial medical marijuana bill in a special session Dec. 3, 2018. There’s your final vote on the medical marijuana “compromise.” #utpol — Robert Gehrke (@RobertGehrke) December 3, 2018 During the Nov. 6, 2018, election, Utah voters passed a separate medical cannabis initiative, Proposition 2, that would allow patients with certain […]
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  • Study: Vaporizing Flower Produces A More Intense High Than Traditional Smoking Methods December 4, 2018
    Vaping marijuana flower gets you higher than smoking it, according to a new study published in an American Medical Association journal. To test the difference, researchers started by recruiting 17 people who’d consumed cannabis in the past year but had abstained for at least one month. Each individual participated in six sessions that lasted 8 1/2 […]
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What you need to know about Investing in Marijuana

Your 2018 Guide to Investing in Marijuana Stocks | – In recent weeks, there’s been a near-euphoria about the growth and expansion of legalized marijuana and investment opportunities associated with it. | What you really need to know about buying marijuana stocks this year.

Monterey Bud March 20, 2018

November’s midterm elections are just around the corner and a new poll offers some timely advice for candidates running for the House or Senate – support medical marijuana as part of your platform in 2018. On Monday, Politico’s Kevin Robillard reported that a new survey found 77 percent of likely 2018 voters had a favorable […]

Associated Press March 20, 2018

By Susan Haigh  HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut legislators are under pressure to revisit legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, as a growing number of New England states are allowing people to possess and use pot. There is concern among some members of the General Assembly that Connecticut could miss out on the push toward […]

Associated Press March 19, 2018

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia medical marijuana advocates are outraged over the apparent stalling of a proposal that would expand the state’s medical cannabis oil program to include those who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or chronic pain. Advocates and lawmakers held a news conference inside the state Capitol on Monday and questioned why the […]

Associated Press March 19, 2018

By Andrew DeMillo LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas judge said Friday he’ll rule by the middle of next week on whether to allow the state to issue its first licenses for companies to grow medical marijuana after hearing complaints from an unsuccessful applicant challenging the permitting process. Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen […]

Monterey Bud March 19, 2018

Jamaica’s Senate first passed legislation on Bob Marley’s birthday in 2015 to decriminalize medical marijuana – and on March 10, the tiny island country opened its first dispensary. Up and running months after being issued a license by the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), Kaya Farms is located in St. Ann and their facility features the […]

Duke London March 17, 2018

Hello old people from Google, thanks for coming. You’re about 45 minutes early and we’re not open yet but have a seat and we’ll get started shortly. There’s tea over there with some medicated honey for our early bird wake-and-bakers. Hey! Stop pouring, Stanley, that’s your third cup and I’m not explaining Tinder to you […]

Guest Post March 16, 2018

This is your sneak preview of events and shows happening in Los Angeles for the upcoming week! No FOMO, no problem. By Shirley Ju I’m sick of people telling me, “Omg, I wish I knew about this, I would have gone!” My motto is to live in the moment and don’t let any opportunities slip. […]

Michael Knodt March 16, 2018

The Swiss Council of States has unanimously adopted a bill allowing studies and pilot projects with cannabis. The Council of States is calling for an experimental article in the Narcotics Act that allows for scientific research projects such as Coffeeshop model trials or pilot programs. Five cities have requested such studies.  The bill will be […]

Monterey Bud March 16, 2018

Connecticut lawmakers are facing an intriguing dilemma – they must either reform their marijuana law and legalize recreational use, or sit back and watch as neighboring states that passed adult-use laws reap the fiscal benefits. Massachusetts voters legalized marijuana in November 2016, and are scheduled to implement their adult use marijuana program on July 1. […]

Associated Press March 16, 2018

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts marijuana regulators plan to begin accepting applications for commercial pot businesses next month. The Cannabis Control Commission on Thursday approved a schedule that the panel says will allow for the “safe, equitable and effective implementation,” of the state’s voter-approved recreational marijuana law. Beginning on April 2, operators of licensed medical marijuana […]

Associated Press March 16, 2018

PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona Court of Appeals ruling says a man’s medical marijuana recommendation letter obtained from a physician under California’s medical marijuana law provides the same legal immunity as registry cards issued by Arizona authorities. The three-judge panel’s decision Thursday upholds a La Paz County Superior Court judge’s dismissal of drug possession charges […]

Jon Hiltz March 15, 2018

The Costa Rican government has entertained a number of different ideas regarding cannabis reform, including a bill that has been in the governmental process since 2014. While it hasn’t been able to come to a consensus about cannabis legalization, the country has experienced an influx of cannabis smuggled through the United States in the absence […]

Associated Press March 15, 2018

By Pail Elias SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The smoke was thick and business brisk at the Barbary Coast Dispensary’s marijuana smoking lounge, a darkened room that resembles a steakhouse or upscale sports tavern with its red leather seats, deep booths with high dividers, and hardwood floors. “There’s nothing like this in Jersey,” said grinning Atlantic […]

Monterey Bud March 15, 2018

If past is prologue, prohibitionists within the GOP are terminally screwed come November. At least that appears to be the take away after Democrat Conor Lamb – a pro-medical marijuana candidate – defeated the GOP’s Rick Siccone on Tuesday.   From deep in the heart of Trump country –  Tuesday’s special congressional election for Pennsylvania’s […]

Marijuana com Staff March 14, 2018

Cannabis consumers come in many forms so we’ve included multiple points of view in our strain reviews. Our longtime reviewers Monterey Bud and Duke London join Managing Editor Lesley Nickus and Suzanne from Marketing. Today, they’ll be reviewing Sote Choice Charlie Sheen. Lab Test Results were not submitted with this sample. Monterey Bud Sote Choice’s […]

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